Ian Macleod applies for major whisky storage facility in Stirling


Ian Macleod Distillers (IMD) has submitted an application to Stirling Council for a new whisky storage facility at Bandeath Industrial Estate in Stirling following a consultation at the end of last year. The company expects the project to create 25 full-time equivalent jobs.

Located in Stirling’s industrial area, the 20.2-acre site will include nine whisky storage warehouses, a blend centre connected to a tank farm, and and office building. The warehouses will store casks of whisky, allowing it to mature for several years before being sold in bulk or as packaged goods. The casks will be filled and aged with whisky from IMD’s distilleries, including Rosebank in Falkirk, Glengoyne in Stirlingshire, and Tamdhu in Knockando on Speyside. The blended and matured whisky will then be transported to IMD’s bottling facility in Broxburn for export to the US, Europe, and the Far East.

The Stirling Local Development Plan designates the site for employment uses and local companies will be prioritised for the design and construction which will include landscaping, access, parking, drainage and facilitating works. The project is expected to generate 62 construction jobs, with apprenticeships forming part of the selection process. Additional apprenticeship opportunities will be available once the development is complete.

The site’s location near the River Forth, an area with rich biodiversity, demonstrates IMD’s commitment to sustainable production and minimal environmental impact. The facility will reduce carbon emissions and its carbon footprint through efficient building design and by avoiding gas connections. All heating will be provided by electric-powered systems.

Leonard Russell, Managing Director at IMD said, “We are delighted to be submitting this planning application for new whisk storage facilities at Bandeath, which will provide additional capacity for our operations across Scotland.

“The new facility will further secure our spirit supply chain and have a clear beneficial impact on both the local and the national economy.

“The new storage complex will provide considerable benefits to the community, delivering employment both in its construction and once complete.

“We have also given a commitment to promoting apprenticeship opportunities.

“With our broad commitment to addressing climate change and delivering net zero, our new facility will be highly sustainable and have minimum environmental impact.

“We have undertaken extensive engagement with the local community throughout this process and look forward to continue to engage with them as matters progress.”