Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023 release unveiled by Glen Scotia


Glen Scotia has unveiled its limited-edition ‘Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023’ release with its first-ever on-pack virtual experience with whisky expert, Becky Paskin.

Multi-award-winning distillery, Glen Scotia has unveiled its 2023 Festival release – a limited-edition bottling to mark the Campbeltown Malts Festival (23-24th May 2023), the yearly event hosted in the distillery’s hometown to celebrate the region’s rich history.

In a first for Glen Scotia, the packaging of the latest release has been embossed with a bespoke QR code giving those unable to make the trip to the ‘Victorian Whisky Capital’ a chance to transport themselves into the heart of the distillery for a unique new digital experience, the Glen Scotia Whisky Experiment.

Led by spirits writer, TV presenter, and OurWhisky Founder, Becky Paskin, the virtual video experiment, shot in the dunnage warehouse and around the town, takes viewers on a sensory exploration, intentionally manipulating sight, colour, and sound, as Becky guides audiences to pour a dram and consider how its flavour is influenced by visuals and music in the experience.

She is joined by Glen Scotia master distiller and distillery manager, Iain McAlister, as the pair take a walk through the distinctive Campbeltown landscape. The region, which is characterised by its climate, nature, and location to the sea, is a deeply sensorial spot, defined by the elements, which also play an important role in its whisky-making.

The project follows Becky and Iain’s Whisky Experiment in-person at last year’s Malts Festival, as Glen Scotia continues to seek new ways to bring Campbeltown to audiences around the world.

Made by the experts behind Scotland’s ‘Distillery of the Year 2021’, this 2023 limited-edition release is another remarkable bottling that stays true to the classic Campbeltown character, while offering something intriguing and bold in its unique flavour profile. Available to purchase online and in specialist retailers around the world, the 70cl bottle (54.7% ABV) retails at £65.

Iain McAlister, Glen Scotia master distiller and distillery manager, said, “As our fanbase continues to grow around the world, we wanted to find a way to give those who might not be able to join us at the Malts Festival this year a rich experience of our home. The Whisky Experiment is just that, and provides a fascinating approach to whisky tasting, as Becky encourages us to reconsider what’s in our glass again and again, as the environment transforms in front of us. I love that it can be done time and time again with any Glen Scotia dram, wherever you are in the world.

“This year’s Festival Release is another superb, limited-edition that showcases the scope of what Glen Scotia can offer; the white port cask finish provides something interesting and different for us, while still maintaining that wonderful fruity, robust, and subtly saline Campbeltown signature profile.”

Becky Paskin added, “We had such a brilliant time at last year’s Festival bringing to life the sights and sounds of Campbeltown through the medium of whisky, and we wanted to share this wonderful, sensorial experience with everyone.

“The idea behind the Glen Scotia Whisky Experiment is guided by the way our sense of taste is dictated by the environment we’re in; so, what we taste in our glass will be affected by our setting, and Campbeltown is a fantastic place to recreate.

“This is a chance to rip up the rule book on traditional whisky tasting notes, have an open mind, and find new possibilities, which is the most exciting part – drams can be completely re-imagined.”

The Campbeltown Malts Festival is a celebration of the region once known as the ‘Victorian Whisky Capital of the World’ due to its illustrious past and the role whisky-making has played in the town for over 200 years.  It celebrates the exceptional whisky-production capabilities of Scotland’s smallest whisky-making region through a series of events and tastings that explore Glen Scotia’s award-winning portfolio.


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