Chaakoo Bombay Café to open in Edinburgh


Glasgow restaurant Chaakoo Bombay Café is set to open its first Edinburgh venue next month that will create over 50 new jobs in the city. 

Serving up a menu of tapas-style small plates, an authentic fusion of flavours inspired by Mumbai and Iranian cuisine, it opens on Lothian Road on 12 June following a £400k investment.

Operations Manager Iain Gallie said, “We’re excited to be bringing another restaurant to the scene on Lothian Road. Our sister venue, Topolabamba, was one of the first to kick start the buzzing foodie scene here. The area has become a hotspot of brilliant bars and restaurants, and Chaakoo will bring another great choice to the table.

“Authenticity is always at the heart of what we do. From the buzz of our cafes to the flavour of our dishes, they’re as close as possible to the original Bombay Cafés that Chaakoo is inspired by.”

The first Chaakoo was opened on Glasgow’s St Vincent Street in 2016, and after a successful three years, its second premises in 2019 in Glasgow’s west end. The eatery transports diners back to the original bustling Irani cafes, set up by Iranian and Persian immigrants who came to India in the 19th century. 

Head Chef Rohit Benjwal, said, “We take pride in the fact everything is freshly made, and it’s as close to authentic as you’ll get. It’s a unique experience.

“Every curry is freshly made in batches from scratch – it’s as close to authentic as you’re going to get. Our chef Mani has worked all over the world and he draws flavour inspiration from his travels that customers experience in our dishes.”

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