Thatchers new ad features animation from Aardman


Thatchers Cider has a new TV commercial which was revealed at the end of May. The Somerset cider maker collaborated with multi-Academy Award® winning studio Aardman and uses stop motion animation to bring the viewer through the gates of Thatcher’s own Myrtle Farm home in a light-hearted and affectionate way.

Aardman uses its world-class skills in perfectly crafted hand-made miniature worlds to bring Thatchers’ expertise to the screen. Iconic elements of Myrtle Farm such as its orchards, help tell the story of carefully crafting the perfect drop of cider.

Some familiar faces make an appearance throughout the commercial, including fourth-generation cider maker Martin Thatcher making a big entrance for the weekly 12.30 tasting.

Viewers may also recognise the iconic Thatcher’s hot air balloon from previous ads, as well as Myrtle, the family dog. The commercial follows the cider-making journey from the orchards to glass, through Aardman’s unique and characterful storytelling technique.

Martin Thatcher, who has had cameo appearances in all of Thatchers recent TV ads, says, “Partnering with Aardman, a truly iconic brand with such amazing creative genius, and situated in the West Country as we are, allows us to introduce consumers to a new light-hearted, storytelling creative about our ciders.”


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