Summer Drinks Trends with Inverarity Morton

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Tequila Continues To Rise

EA968FC5-B676-49F9-A6A7-16957FE4FFBA 4 5005 cThe UK Tequila drinks category has experienced a remarkable 94% increase in sales in the past 12 months, fuelled by increasing consumer interest, Tequila’s diverse flavours, and a surge in premium spirit-based cocktail culture. With over 3.5 million bottles of Tequila sold in the UK in the last 12 months (on and off trade),E7146E3C-4EDE-465A-B0E4-41E5C694CB7E 4 5005 c make sure you have salt, lime and a selection of mixers at the ready! With particular growth in both premium Tequila and Mezcal, why not add the summer must-have, a Patrón Reposado Tequila Paloma to your summer drinks list? Patrón Reposado is an ultra-premium Tequila, aged in new and used barrels for at least two months to create a smooth, clean taste, with a hint of oak flavour.

Brands With A Purpose

E709A899-FEAF-45F6-8F65-C051A93186DDConsumers are continuing to reach for premium brands that demonstrate their social or environmental conscience. As more of our brand partners carry on communicating their green credentials to align with consumers buying decisions, there has been a steep rise in eco-friendly packaging and environmentally responsible spirits. Our Inverarity Morton brand partner Discarded focuses on what others have wasted, with a wide range of spirits made from surplus ingredients. Food waste costs the average UK Bar & Restaurant £2,000 a year. Re-imagine the ever popular Spritz by giving flat sparkling wine a second life via a Discarded Grape Skin Spritz.

Cocktail Serves Evolve

C6ABCD4B-2AF7-46A3-BC35-39636D544F48Almost 6 in 10 customers reported that something new and different is an important factor when choosing a cocktail at a bar, club or restaurant. To combat staff shortages, expedite service, and ensure serve consistency, the time is now to embrace pre-batched cocktails, ready-to-drink (RTD ) options, and premium draught cocktail offerings. Our Inverarity Morton portfolio has recently grown with the addition of Whitebox cocktail cans. Enhance efficiency, e le v a te c u s to me r service and create memorable drinking experiences with Whitebox’s delicious, ready-to-serve, high quality cocktails. Whitebox’s aim is to open up the world of cocktails beyond the top cocktail bars, to enable anyone to enjoy an exceptional cocktail, without being a skilled bartender. Cheers to cocktail hour!

C61FDCC6-3F6E-444C-A0FA-99710EB56E0B 4 5005 cAll these industry trends and more will be showcased at Inverarity Morton’s Evolution 2023. Join us at Platform, Argyle Street, G2 8DL on 5th September 2023 for a day to remember! #DateForYourDiary