Max’s Bar to serve Irn Bru Margarita for Banksy


Max’s Bar on Queen Street has been picked by Banksy to supply guests to his ‘Cut & Run’ exhibition at GoMA with a unique Irn Bru Margarita. The artist is gifting a Margarita to all guests who attend the this weekend’s evening slots of the exhibition tonight and tomorrow night.

The team at Max’s Bar tested 15 different versions of an Irn Bru Margarita before settling on their final recipe, with the support of Mangrove and Dunn’s Food & Drink who helped source ingredients at short notice.

Ticket holders for the Cut & Run exhibition between 10pm – 5am on Friday & Saturday evenings until 28th August will also be able to collect a token at GoMA which can be redeemed at Max’s Bar at any time until 28th August.

Commenting, Owner of Max’s Bar Dario Bernardi said, “We were obviously excited when Banksy’s team asked us to develop an Irn Bru Margarita for guests to the Cut & Run exhibition – and with any major project we took it very seriously.

“Working with our suppliers, we were able to turn round the design, development and supply of our very own Irn Bru Margarita – The Banksy – and we can only hope that the real Banksy will be in to try one sometime!”


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