Orkney Brewery release range of canned beers for first time


The Orkney Brewery is set to offer canned beers to the UK market for the first time as it adds three new canned beers to its cask, bottle and keg portfolio.

Launched as the Runic Range, there will be three 440 ml size styles on offer – SKARA Blonde IPA, HAFN Helles Lager and BRODGAR Bere, Beer – and the new designs use rune symbols linking to key locations and landmarks in Orkney.

Norman Sinclair, managing director of the Orkney Brewery, said, “We wanted to introduce a canned range in response to customer and consumer requests, but didn’t want to just to re-format what is an already extremely successful and authentic premium bottled portfolio. Our new cans therefore represent an incremental step forward for the brewery, building on our achievements to date, while hopefully appealing to new customers and the many visitors who travel to Orkney each year.”

Craig Steven, the Orkney Brewery’s commercial manager, added, “We were very keen to introduce the iconography of runic symbols to the branding for the new range to reflect the Norse legacy of the islands. We spent several months pulling this together, piece by piece, and wanted to tie in the launch with the imminent opening of the new brewery shop in Kirkwall. We’re delighted with the beers and believe the packaging is striking, unique and maintains our premium appeal, which is what is driving our performance across all channels.”


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