Deanston Distillery Unveils Unique 15-Year-Old Tequila Cask Finish


Deanston Distillery has introduced a new 15-year-old expression that blends the essence of the Scottish and Mexican Highlands, named the Deanston 15 Year Old Tequila Cask Finish.

It began its journey maturing in traditional Oak hogsheads for 13 years and was then transferred to specially chosen barrels that previously housed Agave Tequila for an additional 24 months. This unique maturation process imparts a fruity and floral character to the whisky, while still retaining Deanston’s signature waxy style.

Despite the vast 5,000-mile distance between the Scottish and Mexican Highlands, Deanston say that the two regions share remarkable similarities in terms of flavor profiles, production techniques, and regional characteristics.

Julieann Fernandez, master blender at Deanston Distillery said: “Deanston is a highly versatile spirit that is complimented by a myriad of eclectic casks. I spend a lot of time exploring how our whisky works with different flavour profiles and discovered its citrusy, waxy character intricately pairs with the fruity, floral tequilas which the Jaliscan Highlands region is famed for.

“The result is an incredibly complex, subtle and balanced dram that is distinctly Deanston. Our signature characteristics of zesty orange peel, honey and spice all remain at the forefront, yet the classic Deanston waxy flavour, honeycomb-like texture and creamy mouthfeel is ever present. I ancitipacted the tequila flavour would be dominant, revealing itself in the primary notes and on the palette, however this isn’t the case. It’s much lighter and smoother than you would expect and epitomises our bold, brave and experimental ethos.”

This limited edition release, with its 52.5% ABV is retailing at £95 for a 70cl bottle, and the new expression will be available from specialist retailers and


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