Thatchers unveils a seasonal addition to its draught Fusion range


Thatchers Cider has introduced Spiced Apple Cider as a seasonal addition to its Fusion range.

The cider is infused with the taste of cinnamon, cloves and ginger and, say Thatchers, these warming spices create a smooth, rich, full-flavoured and sweet character to the  4.0% Somerset cider that is balanced with spicy citrus notes.

“The combination of apple and cinnamon is a classic one – with the fruity sweetness and spice balancing perfectly,” says Thatchers head cider maker Richard Johnson.

Thatchers Spiced Apple can be served cold straight from the Fusion font, a three-in-one font which brings craft and innovation together to deliver the choice of three infused premium flavoured ciders to the bar in one single font, or alternatively, it can be heated for a spicy mulled cider.

Others flavours available on the Thatchers Fusion Font are Dark Berry, Blood Orange and Cloudy Lemon.

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