Buzzworks launch in-house SQA training centre


Buzzworks Holdings has launched its own in-house Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) accredited training centre to provide a blend of training and development opportunities from culinary masterclasses, to service excellence, and leadership development, as well as providing bespoke brand training.

The new training centre will be led by the company’s Learning and Development Manager, Holli Gordon, and supported by Chef Trainer, Neil Clark, and Bar Trainer, Gavin Goslan.

Holli, who has been an integral part of the Buzzworks operational team for nine years said, “Our aim is to ignite a passion in young individuals, guiding them towards long-term commitment and growth within our business. This year marks our foundational step into cookery education, with ambitious plans to expand and evolve in the future.

“We’re delighted to now have the authority to deliver SVQs in practical cookery in-house. This means we can assess and verify qualifications at any stage of the process, and our training team are able to verify all of our own candidates, ensuring they have all the right skills and knowledge to be able to do their job to the best of their ability.

“Candidates can now learn and earn on the job, without taking time out for college courses. The training is fully covered and incorporated into their contracted hours for the week and will incorporate internal masterclasses, providing a hands-on, high level of cooking where they can create dishes from scratch alongside our talented chefs.”

The training centre, based at their head office in Kilmarnock, which has been operating since September.


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