Leith Export Co. expands whisky portfolio


Following the opening of the UK’s first vertical distillery last month, The Leith Export Co., the commercial trading arm for Lind & Lime and Port of Leith products, has expanded its portfolio with a second batch of Perpetuity blended Scotch whisky and Table whisky, a new single grain bottling.

Perpetuity, inspired by the infinity bottle concept, blends whiskies from across Scotland into a ‘perpetual vat of liquid’.

Sam Travers, Whisky Blender for Perpetuity Whisky, said “With Perpetuity Batch #2 we had a decision to make: keep the original’s identity or diverge wildly and blend it away. At this stage, it didn’t feel like the time for giant curveballs, so we went somewhere down the middle.

“We had access to far more malt than we had for Batch #1, so we could get some new DNA into the mix while working with the fruity, woody, sweet character of the original. Overall, Batch #2 is big, malty and mouth-coating with big tropical energy.”

The Leith Export Co.’s first single grain whisky, Table Whisky, is a mainstay of the Port of Leith Distillery bar, and is designed to be served in cocktails.

Ian Stirling, Co-Founder of Leith Export Co., said, “Table whisky is our house pour; our sommelier’s selection. A single grain whisky distilled in Edinburgh, matured in virgin oak and sherry casks, and blended in Leith. It’s delicious, reliable, approachable and rich.”



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