Duncan Taylor open The Club Room


After a major renovation programme, Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky has opened The Club Room in the former B-listed property that was the Bank of Scotland in Huntly. It follows the successful eight-month refurbishment of The Bank Café & Restaurant which opened last year.

The new Club Room creates a private hire venue, including a bar, that will be used for private hire events, whisky tastings.  These whisky tastings are designed to promote the company’s range of rare, aged malts and blended whiskies which are sold in 60 countries globally.

The Club Room will also feature Duncan Taylor’s latest innovation, which guests to imbibe their whisky of choice on demand with the use of a pre-paid card. The self-serve serve cask dispensers are already in use in a bar and restaurant they opened in June in Ho-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam.

Chairman of Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, Euan Shand, was born and brought up in Huntly, said of the investment, “We had ambitious plans to invest in some of the beautiful old buildings that lay empty and disused in the heart of the town, bringing them back to life, whilst also helping put Huntly on the map as a great place to eat and drink.

“Together with our Whiskies of Scotland shop in Gordon Street, The Bank Café & Restaurant and now the latest opening of The Club Room in the town centre, it’s an important focal point for locals and tourists visiting the area.

“We’re proud to be part of the transformation of the town, boosting the local economy and of course, creating further employment in the area alongside our King Street headquarters.”



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