Cafe Andaluz celebrates 21 years


21 facts about Scotland’s favourite tapas bar

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78B475E6-30A1-4397-9B0E-C412ADBC07FC 4 5005 cCafe Andaluz open’s it’s 7th location in 51DCC43B-20C7-4F76-A67B-04955FE4A3CCNovember 2023 in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge



C86C179D-4C33-4F5F-B1A5-553A7952BF6A 4 5005 c295,250 MEATBALLS sold every year!


5F38280A-D76C-4655-833F-8D7071BD87C4 4 5005 c391829A4-13FF-4411-AAD5-4851BF900561The number of Flamenco nights held before deciding it was a bad idea – 1!



0D819A97-6D9F-41C5-A2A6-1F88F475533B 4 5005 cThe West End opened 21 year’s ago, Glasgow city centre opened 18 years ago, Edinburgh’s George Street 15, Aberdeen 8, Edinburgh Old Town 5 and Newcastle 2 years ago.


D9C8432C-5691-4F2C-903A-BF02B8901220 4 5005 cC70397D8-B734-495A-976D-CAAEB8B5B97ASan Miguel pints are the biggest selling drink




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1027C4E7-6280-4B3C-A679-153FA56A8A8ATradition is for the FOH TEAM to sing ”FELIZ CUMPLEANOS” to those celebrating a birthday!


DD1B8C39-2419-41F8-892B-0CE9EADDE6F1 4 5005 cEstimated 7.3 MILLIONS customers through the door!


7121B97D-2AA2-4B95-BE15-90FD31A9E376 4 5005 c 592799E4-E186-42BB-B666-92E907CA1BF8It’s  most popular dish is Pollo Rebozado Con Miel


66896A7D-1AA9-450C-B8E1-181AEF012C82 4 5005 cRoughly 85% of customers ask for ‘LA CUENTA’


884A3282-18FF-4F99-BF6D-9B770F8A3FA5 4 5005 c Playlist – the most played track/De Camino a la Verada – Buena Vista Social Club


3A9DA6BD-E55A-4849-9657-D8773B1F814D 4 5005 c7B2CF30D-8CA8-4D0D-A941-38EB91EAFB70Rab C Nesbitt and pals had a night out in Cafe Andaluz in series 10



16F94E1F-374C-4D60-985E-0CD799556F42 4 5005 cA03CDB13-A4B7-4DDB-A7DD-BBE82E20BB6E 4 5005 cCafe Andaluz Geroge Street has the highest membership rate to DRG+, the groups loyalty programme





208D53AE-E881-4FA3-BEB8-6ACAE30CBB2B 4 5005 c24 Customers tagged us in the Obama’s Instagram post


DCD5BEFB-19FB-447F-BD14-E19DBF34330D 4 5005 cThere are 450,512 customer contacts linked to Cafe Andaluz in the company CRM


675E4955-2876-4EBE-B8E2-A44A89611B4E 4 5005 cE1F52700-4E45-4EF4-AE2F-D1289E95DA7A 4 5005 c…of the CA team turned 21 too this year. A birthday party was held for them





B66D6F56-AF9E-4596-9FE3-1DF8C0F83A29 4 5005 c 1C2B683D-29DD-4107-BBC3-3B13F6A122EE 4 5005 cOle! – customer’s response to a plate drop or smashed glass!



1210E3AE-FBB5-42CF-A78C-87FB90F1A91F 4 5005 c2881D036-9728-4473-83F4-88357AC83765On average 2,472 terracotta tapas dishes are washed across all locations on a Saturday!




6A0715C2-0597-4D5D-80F7-FAD9916DCA8F 4 5005 cD3E14749-2AD6-49FC-A0C1-B82B10FF2D40 4 5005 cLongest serving member of staff is city centre Head Chef Willie Macintyre, who joined the group 22 years ago as a YTS trainee!




1FB06F9B-EDA3-4847-AC04-A056FBB4FEAD 4 5005 c7B7F3983-FBEF-4F80-9CDC-4AA5F12502E2 4 5005 c‘MEJILLONES’ The dish least ordered in Spanish



627E15A2-C9DF-446B-BC21-9939A9CC4362 4 5005 c0B31CD5B-73A1-406E-BFF9-E191018B1E92 4 5005 cMario Gizzi:

“Cafe Andaluz has been a real success story for the group and that is down to our great team, our suppliers and of course our customers. It is hard to believe that it has been 21 years since we first opened our doors in the West End of Glasgow – here’s to another 21 years.”




0775858D-4392-441E-89A5-DEDAAB9DACD0 4 5005 c1490514E-888D-42E5-9219-8FA19DE386EB 4 5005 cTony Conetta:

“Cafe Andaluz restaurants recreate the magic and charm of an authentic Spanish dining experience with an extensive range of dishes showcasing the best of southern Spain’s food and drink. We love it and our customers do too.”







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