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01E313AB-CCC2-48DE-8979-BF611A083EBBMichael Bergson has opened Buck’s Bar No 5 – and it is another one for Edinburgh. The new Hanover Street premises on the site of the former La Rusticana restaurant has been given a rock n’ roll makeover which now has all the features of Buck’s DNA.

However, although it might already look as if Buck’s Bar has been there for years, it has actually been created having totally stripped the venue out.

65D9F932-6766-4249-88B4-D7B6B042363CIn fact just about the only relic of its previous incarnation is the rustic plastered walls which have been given a make-over by decoraters Borthwick.

2FB602F2-9B9F-42BE-95DF-21F14054F5C4The decorators have given the bar an authentic and warm feel. In fact Michael is a creature of habit he has also used his regular joinery company – Vertice Projects who completed all the bespoke joinery – and with the walls clad in rough hewn timber you can see that they had their work cut out.

91F55D8C-1594-40FD-99BB-6B0651A49CF7This is a great example of space well used. Booths are used in the centre to make the most of the space, while fixed seating around the walls allow maxiumum capacity. A large mirror also gives this basement bar the illusion of space.

3CE6CB60-F5E5-4DBA-89A7-BD185108CD77The venue boasts two dining areas- the area at the front and through the back there is further seating. As you go through to the back, up a few stairs, there is an open-plan serving area and the toilets.

The ceilings are low and dark, there is plenty of neon, two glitzy chandeliers, and the usual rock and roll bric-a brac, I would imagine they will be adding to that over time.

The bar is striking and well laid out again it has been timber framed, and neon makes the area bright and cheerful.

Area Manager Ashley O’Brien told DRAM. “It has been really busy since we opened. We are getting lots of walk-ins which is great. “I also love the fact that this is a basement bar and restaurant very much like the original Buck’s Bar and Thundercat.”

This is number 5, roll on number six.



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