New day-to-night venue opens in Merchant Square


Pania, the new venture from Neil Connolly, the man who originally created late-night bar Moskito, opens in Glasgow’s Merchant City today (4 Jan). Described as a day-to-night venue that offers brunch and coffee in the morning and turns into a wine bar with charcuterie in the evening, it takes over the former Marmalade Skies unit.

Neil who bowed out from Moskito more than 5 years ago has spent the intervening years doing outdoor events, festivals and consultancy work, but is now ready for the fresh challenge. He told DRAM earlier this year, “This is going to be a Charcuterie first and foremost – I’ve always wanted to do one, and I would kick myself if I didn’t. I have taken inspiration from a wee place in Palma and Fernandez & Wells — the Lexington Street wine and tapas bar, sandwich shop, and deli in London which I just loved – every time I went to London I would go there.”

Neil continues, “Pania is a word I made up but it is derived from the idea of Pan bread – everything that we serve will have bread with it. Three-quarters of the offering will be influenced by Spain and the Mediterranean and we will be offering the very best of produce, which will all be served from the bar, there is no kitchen. We have some great hams, burrato, anchovies, olives, peppers and there will be a few hot dishes too.”

During the day the offering will be sandwiches and coffees while at night the Charcuterie offering will be in place. The gantry is pared back to one draught beer which will be served in half pints. There will be six red wines, white wines, cocktails sherries and vermouths, – and one gin and one vodka.

Says Neil, “It is not a big gantry and the venue itself only seats 36. It is definitely a food-led venue and I am aiming it at the locals who live and work in the Merchant City. The footfall is amazing here. We will also be doing takeaway wine and food.”


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