A new speakeasy for Edinburgh…but only if you can find it!


Don Gatto’s, a new speakeasy-style cocktail bar, opens in the basement of The Howlin Hound today (12 January).

Owned by John Duncan of the The Howlin Hound, which opened its doors last year, the hidden entrance to the new 300 capacity bar is through a bookcase with a keypad that requires a secret code. This code can be obtained online at the point of booking and, for private partygoers, it can be revealed by the bartender using a secret password.

The name is Spanish for cat which means the venue has a dog upstairs and a cat in the basement. The idea is that people disappear into the bookcase, never to return –  Don Gatto’s has a separate exit.

Don Gatto’s will be offering a range of tapas, as well as champagne, luxury cocktails, wines, and bottled beers. It is expected to open Thursday to Saturday


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