Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) UK’s biggest brewer is aiming to make Carling a 2 billion pint brand. To this end it has revealed a £7.3m investment package which includes new positioning for the brand “Refreshingly and Brilliantly British” as well as a new product Carling Chrome, which will launch in August. Mark Hunter, Chief Executive, Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) comments, “The industry is under great strain, but if beer can meet consumers’ needs and become more relevant it will help stimulate growth again.”

The launch of Carling Chrome, a new premium lager, ‘is latest innovation in the Carling family. It will be a crisp lager, with an 4.8% ABV. Brewed using a precision brewing process the new beer has a lower level of bitterness and the ideal level of carbonation in order to deliver all the subtle flavours created by the yeast during fermentation, delivering a light and refreshing lager. Chris McDonough, Marketing Director, Molson Coors (UK & Ireland), added, “The Carling rebrand will be delivered according to a five point plan, which will include new communications, a new premium visual identity, innovative new packaging, innovative new products and a long term vision & strategy.”

The rebrand will also see Carling being sold in an engaging, new and differentiated packaging format. Alongside Caffrey’s and Coors Light, Carling will be available in a new aluminium bottle, creating a smooth drinking experience, cold sensation, a stylish look and environmental benefits. The aluminium bottle will be supported as part of a National TV campaign breaking in September.

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