Mixologists causing a stir

Today it’s the turn of DIMI SAVVAIDIS The King of Islington in Dundee and DANNY MCMANUS Kelvingrove Cafe, Glasgow .

DIMI SAVVAIDIS The King of Islington Dundee

Dimi, head bartender and GM of the King of Islington bar on Dundee’s Union Street, won last year’s Global Monin Cup cocktail competition in France – the first ever UK winner of the contest. Said the 27-yearold about his future career aspirations, “I’ve always been a bartender and always will be. I envisage that my career will always be in a bar, whether that’s drinks development, cocktail-oriented – anything to do with beverage, minimum standards or training. One day I will own my own place but for now, I’m happy working within the company.” He continued, “ I really admire my bosses and my colleagues (including Sarah Berardi who’s also featured here) because together we have not only developed the bar, but also Dundee as a cocktail destination. Dimi is so immersed in his career as a bartender that he describes being behind the bar as his “playtime”.

DANNY MCMANUS Kelvingrove Cafe Glasgow

Danny, 27, splits his professional self between two jobs. He explained, “I bartend at The Kelvingrove Cafe in Finnieston and work in a consultancy/sales rep role at The Good Spirits Company.” At the time of us going to press, Danny was just about to jet off to Chicago’s Few Rye Distillery after championing in a competition organised by the company. Said Danny, “My winning cocktail was based on the Columbian Exhibition that happened in Chicago in 1893 and I’m really excited about seeing the distillery.” Danny is a bar-focused individual and has definite ideas on his career path. He said, “I’m inspired more by bars than people, and particularly like London’s Three Sheets and The Artesian, but I see myself going down the brand ambassador route eventually. But I still have a lot to learn before I actively pursue this ambition.


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