Ear, Glasgow’s got a new speakeasy

Michael Woods

He famously cut off his ear and new Glasgow speakeasy The Absent Ear celebrates this and everything else Van Gogh. Behind the 34-capacity basement space is The Amsterdam and Saint Luke’s and The Winged Ox owner Michael Woods (pictured) but the location of his new place is being kept strictly under wraps.

Ops Manager Alex Riches told DRAM, “In true speakeasy style we’re trying to keep the location a secret and we’ll let you know when you need to know. We wanted a proper speakeasy that’s done well. Proper ‘knock the door before the customer is let in’ kinda stuff, the whole theatre of it basically. There’s even a buzzer hidden in Van Gogh’s ear in a painting just outside the door.

“We’ve installed a new bar and refurbished the place to the tune of £30K – stuff like new lighting and booth seating, plus we’ve fake- bricked the walls giving it a warehouse-y feel, topped off with red velvet booths and bucket seats. There’s even an Art deco sofa on stilts.

“Menus are on old artist pallets and Van Gogh paintings, but I want to stress that this is not a theme bar, just a bar with nods to Van Gogh here and there.”


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