AXM opens in Glasgow

Bennets, Glasgow’s oldest gay club, has now vanished, and has been replaced by AXM. The original AXM is one of Manchester’s favourite gay clubs, and this is the company’s first foray into the Scottish market.
Its Manchester club was named best bar for the North of England 2012 by Boyz magazine, and has also received several Best Bar None accolades, and now they are bringing their take on gay clubbing to Glasgow.
The club which opened earlier this month is operated by the AXM Group, which also operates Manchester bar AXM Live and The Crown in Southport. The Company’s website says, “Yes AXM is a gay company, and we are damn proud of that! But we don’t give a monkeys about your sexuality, personal preferences, race, creed, or what fashion label you’re wearing! Our philosophy is simple… a good quality, friendly and fabulous night out, in a top notch, clean venue with the best sounds and visuals available! More importantly, a safe night out.”
Despite being refurbished only six months ago, AXM have given the club another refreshment and in order to attract people on its opening weekend it offered up a signed Lady Gaga guitar!

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