Craft beer partnership for Marriott Hotels and Harviestoun


To celebrate Oktoberfest, Marriott Hotels in the UK has teamed up with Scottish brewery, Harviestoun, to create a range of food and craft beer pairings.

Chefs across more than 40 Marriott properties will create a variety of dishes paired with beers from the Clackmannanshire brewery.

The combinations include griddled lamb and coriander patties with a matching amber ale, pulled pork brioche buns with lychee-flavoured Schiehallion ale and sole goujons with lemon and truffle mayonnaise paired with a golden fruity ale.

They will be served until the end of October to coincide with the international beer festival.

Sean Kelly, Area Director Food & Beverage UKI, said, “Pairing the right food with the right drink is extremely important as strong flavours can often complement each other or clash. We wanted to offer guests something different to celebrate one of the biggest folk gatherings in the world.”

Toby Knowles, Managing Director at Harviestoun Brewery, added, “We pride ourselves on mixing and experimenting with various different flavours and the chefs at Marriott have complemented these flavours fantastically. Every beer has a unique style and finding the perfect dish to pair it with will only enhance the diner’s experience.”

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