Looking beyond Lockdown will see a ban or restrictions on pubs and events for “some time to come” First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reveals

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled a document outlining the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making which sets out what steps the Scottish government will be taking to control coronavirus (COVID-19) while “restoring a degree of normality to everyday life”. However the document confirmed that there would be a ban, or restrictions, on pubs and public events for the foreseeable future.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, “Today I am seeking to start a grown up conversation with the public about the complex decisions that lie ahead of us as we look beyond lockdown.”

In the document she states, “It is clear that we cannot immediately return to how things were just over 100 days ago. But it is equally clear we cannot stay in complete lockdown indefinitely, because we know that this brings damaging consequences of its own. So we must adapt to a new reality.”

And the new reality means, she said, ”…. gathering in groups, for example in pubs or at public events, is banned or restricted for some time to come.”

The paper also sets out the fact that “Easing restrictions in particular settings is likely to see the continuation of physical distancing and other hygiene measures (such as maintaining 2 metre distancing when premises re-open and/or limiting the number of people that can be in confined spaces at the same time).

She said, “If, after easing any restrictions, the evidence tells us we are unable to contain the transmission of the virus then we will have to re-impose them, possibly returning to lockdown with little notice. While we will do our best to avoid this, it is possible that such a cycle may happen more than once until we reach a point when we have in place an effective vaccine.

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