Ardnamurchan Distillery honours Ralfy’s 1000th review and offers proceeds to Ben


Ardnamurchan Distillery is releasing a single cask bottling, and donating £10 per bottle sold, to the Scottish BEN which supports the Scottish Licensed trade workers in hardship. According the the Ben this “symbolic gesture not only marks a significant achievement but also underscores the power of community and giving back.”

The special single cask bottling is in honour of Ralfy’s 1000th review on his Youtube channel ‘ralfydotcom’ and marks a journey spanning fourteen years, filled with quality drams and a community of whisky enthusiasts.  Ralfy, a respected voice in the whisky community, also said that this collaboration “speaks volumes about the spirit of camaraderie and celebration within the whisky world”.

Ardnamurchan’s Managing Director, Alex Bruce, said that it “highlighted the enduring commitment shared between Ralfy and the whisky industry” and added that it “serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional experiences to whisky enthusiasts.”







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