Wishart’s Honorary Degree

Martin Wishart has received an Honorary Degree from the University of Edinburgh, the first chef to be given the prestigious accolade in the institution’s 428 year history. The degree was awarded in recognition of his outstanding culinary contribution to Edinburgh and Scotland, the Degree of Doctor honoris causa acknowledges the huge success of Martin Wishart’s restaurants and associated business ventures. Martin Wishart commented, “I am thrilled and humbled to be receiving my Honorary Doctorate from Edinburgh University. It personally means a great deal to have my achievements recognised by such an esteemed institution.”
Professor Chris Haslett, commented, “Many in the University would recognise the analogy with a leading academic; Martin Wishart has been trained by the best; he has built a group of international standing; his work is interdisciplinary, melding craft, science and art; he strives for perfection; he trains; he teaches; he creates wealth for the Scottish economy; he advises government and, in peer-review, he is pre-eminent.”

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