Malt Whisky and Whiskey see sales soar

The latest figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) reveals a mixed trading period for the wine and spirit sector with volume growth stagnant across both the on and off trade although value growth was largely positive. In the on-trade it was malt whisky which saw the highest level of growth up  20% in the last 12 months, with sales of sparkling wine in pubs, restaurants and hotels growing 13% in the same period.  In the short term imported whiskey was up 9%, rum 6% and gin up 4%. However sales of vodka, blended whisky and liqueurs saw a sales fall of 2% in the last 12 weeks.

The report also reveals wine and spirits sales now make up 41.45% of the value of all drinks sold in pubs, bars and restaurants. Commenting on the latest market report, WSTA Chief Executive Miles Beale said, “Despite stagnant sales volumes, members – and the trade in general – will be buoyed by signs of improving consumer confidence. The growth of sparkling wine shows no sign of abating, while imported whiskey is emerging as a stand-out spirits performer.”

The WSTA’s market report draws on data from leading independent sources including Nielsen, CGA Strategy and the Wilson Drinks Report. The report captures off-trade data for the 12 weeks to 26 April and on-trade data for the 12 weeks to 19 April, too soon to measure the impact of the duty changes following the decision to scrap the duty escalator in the 19 March Budget.

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