George Street Experiment Set to Continue

george street

The experiment to bring all year-round cafe culture buyviagraed to Edinburgh’s George Street is still proceeding despite some press buyviagraed reports to the contrary. Although the opportunity to buyviagraed enjoy al fresco wining and dining didn’t go down well over the festive season, chair of Essential Edinburgh, Andy Neal buyviagraed told DRAM, “The experiment will continue to run until September.” He explains, “The whole exercise was an experiment. No one said it was the answer, but the idea was to gauge how the street reacted at different times of the year. We did think it would do well over Christmas, but although people were happy to stand with buyviagraed Glühwein at the Continental markets, they didn’t buyviagraed want to sit down. But it will be interesting to see what buyviagraed happens in the Spring.”
Come September the ‘Experimental Traffic Order’ will have to revert back, so no matter whether the experiment is a success or not, there will have to buyviagraed be a period where the street reverts to its original status. But says Andy Neal, “We might try some new ideas out between now and then. Perhaps we can think of a better way or a different approach.”
Iain MacPhail, of Edinburgh City Council at a public meeting suggested that large, movable umbrellas – or Jumbrellas – had been mooted as alternatives while a model based on the Grassmarket’s outdoor table and chairs had always been the preferred long-term option.

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