East Dunbartonshire licensees trial 125ml wine measures


Nearly 100 licensees in East Dunbartonshire have put their support behind an initiative by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership and East Dunbartonshire Council to offer consumers a smaller 125ml wine measure alongside the more traditional sizes of 175ml and 250ml.

Following a survey by the trio of organisations, it was discovered that 71% of those interviewed would support the introduction of the smaller wine measure. The amount of wine they were consuming was a consideration by 46% of those interviewed.

The promotional campaign will run throughout East Dunbartonshire from 13 June to 10 July encouraging people to be aware that the smaller measure is on offer. Participating bars, restaurants and hotels will extend the range of options for consumers, offering them a wider choice including the 125ml measure, when they are ordering a glass of wine.

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