Chef Modou’s menu of life from Senegal to Glasgow


Picture: Modou (second boy, left at back row) ) pictured with this family in Senegal

Chef Modou Diagne, chef and owner of 111 by Modou, has developed a new immersive dining experience inspired by his story from growing up in Senegal to landing in Glasgow where he climbed up the ranks from Kitchen Porter to Head Chef.

In March 2020 Chef Nico Simeone from Six by Nico offered him the opportunity to make his mark in the industry under his own restaurant brand, 111 by Modou and it became another chapter in the story of a 19-year-old who came to Glasgow on his own, with only £200 in his pocket, and in search of a better life.

E5EB421D-815C-4E59-BC17-B01A0E001C05INSPIRE by Modou, which will launch on October 19th and will take guests on a conceptual trip through Modou’s life with a new 5-course tasting menu every 8 weeks chronicling each chapter in Modou’s narrative, from his favourite childhood foods, to his first home prepared meal, as well as recollections with mentor Nico Simeone.

The first chapter includes dishes such as ‘Fishing with Andy’ – reminiscent of the first time he went fishing in Scotland with chef Andy Temple, ‘Coffee’ – bringing back the moment when he realised he needed to start drinking coffee to stay awake after long shifts in the kitchen and ‘Nico’s Rabbit Dish’ – a special dish that was taught to him by chef mentor Nico Simeone.

Chef Modou Diagne said, “This menu is extremely special to me. It’s a celebration of the individuals and events that have aided me in getting to where I am. Many people have always been interested in my tale, which I sometimes struggle to put into words.

“Cooking is my creative expression, so what better way to share my narrative than with food and hopefully inspire guests to experience both my story and my cuisine. Expect a fusion of aromas from my Senegalese roots as well as my progress as a cook as I continue to learn more on my chef journey.”


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