Good Spirits Co. Release Referendum Whisky

Glasgow spirits store The Good Spirits Co. are asking their customers to make their minds up a little earlier than they may have planned, with the forthcoming launch of the shop’s own Scottish Referendum whisky. Customers will be able to choose from either a Yes or No label, and a poll result will be announced once the bottles have sold out. The bottles will be on sale from 1pm on Friday 2nd May and will retail at £69 each. Bottles are limited to one per person, so there can be no accusations of vote-rigging!

Good Spirits Co. Director Mark Connelly described the whisky as, “A well-balanced blend with both a rich, fruity sweetness and a zingy spiciness battling it out for prominence. It’s very tasty and for a great drink for any occasion it gets my vote.”, adding, “This whisky was created to highlight the forthcoming referendum whilst having a bit of fun and enjoying a dram. We’re matching this historic event to our national drink and one of our biggest exports which seems entirely appropriate. Perhaps it will be used to toast the result or drown sorrows, come September.”

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