Partnership for Edinburgh alcohol free brands begins with Dry January


In honour of Dry January, Scotland’s only dedicated alcohol-free brewery, Jump Ship Brewing, has partnered with fiery ginger-infused non-alcoholic spirit Talonmore to promote socialising even in the absence of alcohol. The alcohol-free partnership is expected to run all year.

For Dry January the top NA brands in the capital have designed the Talon & Tinnie, a unique twist on the classic Boilermaker, a combination of biscuity malt, zesty hops, Assam tea, and ginger, marryingTalonmore with Jump Ship’s NA Yardarm Lager. The origins of the traditional Boilermaker can be traced to the 1800s, when workers would finish their shift with a shot and a beer. In 2024, Talonmore and Jump Ship hope to carry on this custom by serving the same filling beverage without the alcohol.

Preparations are also underway for the 2024 NA bartender competition in partnership with the Cask Smugglers venue in Edinburgh, when the best mixologists in the capital will be tasked with crafting brand-new NA cocktails using Jump Ship’s assortment of flavoured alcohol-free beers and Talonmore’s fiery ginger taste.

Lewis Kennedy, Managing Director at Talonmore Drinks Company, said, “Talonmore has been admiring Jump Ship Brewing for some time. Sonja’s vision is inspiring to see in the Scottish alcohol-free scene. Their team spirit is really wonderful. We’re looking forward to many partnerships with them.

“I’m always curious to see how Talonmore’s ginger-forward flavour will pair with other brands. Tasting Yardarm gave clear inspiration, with the burst of flavour from both liquids creating a hugely satisfying taste and mouthfeel.”

Sonja Mitchell, Founder of Jump Ship Brewing, adds “It’s an exciting time to be making low and no alcohol alternatives as we see demand for tasty drinks without the booze continue to grow. We jumped at the chance to partner with our friends over at Talonmore to create a Boilermaker for Dry January – the flavours in Talonmore work so well to balance our zesty, refreshing and exceptionally drinkable Yardarm Lager.”